RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

Purpose:        The universal Church ritual for those adults interested in coming into full communion with the Catholic Church by receiving the Sacraments of Initiation; Baptism, Eucharist and/or Confirmation
Contact:         Lori Lewis, (270) 842-7777, ext. 105
Meetings:      weekly, Thursdays 6:30-8:30 in Spirit Hall


Ministers of Care to the Sick

Purpose:        To unite those confined to home, hospital or nursing care facility with the larger community through weekly visitation and shared Eucharist.
Contact:         Lori Lewis, (270) 842-7777, ext. 105
Meetings:      weekly, Fridays 9am and Sundays following morning liturgy


Marriage Preparation Sponsor Couples

Purpose:        To journey with engaged couples as they prepare for marriage
Contact:         Lori Lewis, (270) 842-7777, ext. 105
Meetings:      as announced


Marriage Enrichment Team

Purpose:        Responsible for annual “Celebrate Your Marriage” event
Contact:         Lori Lewis, (270) 842-7777, ext. 105
Meetings:      as announced


Ministry of Praise

Purpose:        To lift the needs of the parish in prayer and assist with the Church mission to “pray without ceasing.” Often these individuals are confined to home or are limited in some way.
Contact:         Lori Lewis, (270) 842-7777, ext. 105
Meetings:      this is a time commitment at home


Natural Family Planning

Purpose:        To educate couples in Church advocated Natural Family Planning methodology. The information session is also required of all those preparing for marriage.
Contact:         Martha Winn, (270) 796-2972
Meetings:      as announced


Baptism Preparation Team

Purpose:        To assist couples as they prepare for the Baptism of their children
Contact:         Lana Kunkel, (270) 282-4637
Meetings:      as announced. Prep sessions and baptismal weekends are published


Meals for Moms

Purpose:        To provide support (via meals) for families celebrating a new birth
Contact:         Sylann Smith, (270) 782-5450
Meetings:      this is a time commitment at home


Men’s Prayer

Purpose:        A weekly group committed to study and faith-sharing
Contact:         David Lewis, (270) 303-2059
Meetings:      Weekly, Tuesday evenings 7-8:30pm Pentecost


Fratres in Cristo

Purpose:       To assist parish men to grow in faith and knowledge
Contact:        Dan Klein, (270) 846-5067
Meetings:      As announced
Website:        catholicmenbgky.com


Friendship Club (for widows)

Purpose:       fellowship
Contact:        Helen McKay, (270) 904-1803
Meetings:      2nd Tuesday of the month


Book Discussion Group

Purpose:        To read and discuss books that bring our faith alive.
Contact:         Elaine Albaugh, (270) 646-3898
Meetings:      1st and 3rd Wednesday. of the month from 10am-noon. During Lent, every Wednesday from 10am-noon.


Thursday a.m. Bible Study Group

Purpose:       To grow in knowledge of God’s Word
Contact:         Gwen Menestrina, (270) 843-0639
Meetings:      Weekly, Thursday at 8:30 in Unity (Youthroom)


Labyrinth Team

Purpose:        Promotes “walking & praying” the labyrinth; provides awareness, events for, and maintenance of the labyrinth
Contact:         Anita Willoughby, (270) 842-5286; Jan Mott, (270) 791-3234; Lois Schwitzgebel, (270) 781-9652
Meetings:      quarterly, as needed


Women’s Ministry

Purpose:        to connect women of the parish through social, spiritual, and service opportunities
Contact:         Claire Klein, (270) 846-5067; Kelly Wiseman (270) 791-5100
Meetings:      7th of the month at 7pm, plus special events


Spirit Callers

Purpose:        to convey care and prayer to those on the parish sick list via telephone
Contact:         Anita Willoughby, (270) 303-3382
Meetings:      as needed, most work done by phone