During the past week (Sept 1-7), all of the registered members of our parish received a letter from Bishop Medley asking for financial support of the Disciples Response Fund.

One of the ways that most parishes in the United States assist in the work of their dioceses is by participation in an Annual Appeal such as the Disciples Response Fund.

All parishes in the Diocese of Owensboro have been assigned a voluntary target for the DRF based on their income relative to all other parishes. Once a parish exceeds that target in DRF payments, 50% of the balance will be returned to us for our use. There will be no assessment to pay on this rebate.

Our parish has received a rebate of $3,752 from last year’s DRF. Our 2018-2019 parish target is $35,324.

The good works that are funded by the Disciples Response Fund deserve our support. These are things that cannot be done by a parish on its own. For example, the formation of seminarians and the funding of a charitable trust fund where the earnings of which supports health benefits for retired priests. In addition, a percentage of the funds is set aside to fund an endowment that already reduces parish assessments by about 5%.

As you read Bishop Medley’s letter and the enclosed materials, please reflect upon the theme of this year’s campaign: “Come, follow me.” This is inspired by the Mark 10 reading for October 14 in which a rich, young man came to Jesus and asked him how to obtain eternal life. Jesus told him to sell all his possessions, give his money to the poor and “come, follow me.” As baptized disciples of Jesus Christ, we have inherited the mission which Jesus first gave to the apostles: to take the Good News to everyone. Being a bearer of the Good News means being a messenger of hope and mercy and love. It means worshiping God, serving the poor, seeking out the lost, and proclaiming justice. Being a disciple means acknowledging that every spiritual and material gift we have is from God, given to us for the purpose of building up the kingdom. Giving generously to the Disciples Response Fund and promoting the good works which it supports is one way to live out in part our call to be missionary disciples – bearers of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Please read the bulletin insert about this in today’s bulletin. Thank you for your prayerful consideration of making a generous gift to the Disciples Response Fund.