Parish Pastoral Council
Purpose: members connect with parish committees to ensure parish needs are identified and addressed; also provide leadership for the parish.
Contact: Tim McAnnany, (270) 843-1119; Fr. John M. Thomas
Meetings: 1st Thursday of each month; three-year commitment

Finance Committee
Purpose:  plans and oversees parish budget and finances.
Contact:  Linda Keene, (270) 791-2406; Bill Borders, (270) 842-7029
Meetings: monthly

Debt Retirement Committee
Purpose: coordinate the parish campaign to raise funds for servicingour mortgage debt.
Contact:  Nick Noble, (270) 791-0171
Meetings: monthly

Stewardship Committee
Purpose: To develop methods and means to call people to intentional discipleship and stewardship.
Contact: Barry Howard, barry.howard at

Office Volunteers
Purpose: assist with mailings, filing, serve as office receptionist.
Contact:  Leslie Pfingston, (270) 842-7777

Money Counters
Purpose:  ensure proper accounting for church collections and funds.
Contact:  Leslie Pfingston, (270) 842-7777
Meetings:  weekly

Building Committee
Purpose: oversee concerns, problems, and repairs for all buildingson parish property.
Contact: Dave Kaminski, (270) 842-7777
Meetings: as needed

Grounds Committee
Purpose: assist in maintaining landscaping; small projects as needed
Contact:  Steve Bowra, (270) 791-8934; Dave Kaminski, (270) 842-7777
Meetings:  as needed