For attendance at Mass, please note:

  1. No one may enter Holy Spirit buildings without a face mask. Face masks must be worn during Mass, individual prayer and office visits.
  2. The capacity at each Mass is 250 individuals (weekday Masses), 250 individuals (Saturday Mass) and 250 individuals (Sunday Masses).
  3. We ask that you sign-up for the weekend Mass you wish to celebrate if you plan to attend. If you find that all slots for a Mass are filled online, we ask that you please choose another Mass to attend or watch our livestream of the Saturday 4:30 pm Mass.
  4. Entry is only through one door. The Angela Merici entrance (entry with canopy – door #6). All other entrances will remain locked.
  5. Social distancing is required (6 feet).
  6. You will be seated by an usher from the front of the church to the back.
  7. No gathering before or after Mass; we require you return to your car immediately upon exiting the building.



For small, group meetings, please note:

  1. All ministry groups must first contact the parish office to request use of the facility. We will work with you to assign a space that is large enough to allow social distancing based on your group’s size, if available. Groups are limited to a maximum size of 25 people. We will be reserving space on a rolling 30-day calendar, and all leaders must sign a form provided by the office agreeing to follow and enforce our COVID-19 guidelines. Sacramental preparation, catechetical program and parish-wide programs will be given priority for room usage. The expectation is that anyone attending a ministry meeting is also attending Mass.
  2. Each group leader or a volunteer assigned by the group leader must take the temperature of each participant upon entry into the room. A touchless thermometer is provided in each of the rooms designated for group use. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 is to be refused entry and sent home.
  3. Masks must be worn properly at all times. Anyone without a mask is to be refused entry.
  4.  All participants must complete a screening form upon entering the room. Leaders are to clip the completed forms together, and place them in the parish office drop-box at the end of the meeting. Clips are provided with the forms.
  5. No food or drinks may be served during meetings or gatherings.
  6. Social distancing of 6-feet is required between all attendees of differing households. Seating will be arranged to maximize strategic social distancing and limit face-to-face contact.
  7. Room set-ups are to remain as-is to ensure social distancing.
  8. The group leader is responsible to see to it that spray disinfectant (provided) is sprayed on all surfaces at the end of the meeting. It does not need to be wiped off, however, towels will be provided to wipe any excess spray. Damp towels may be draped over a chair when finished. Surfaces to be sprayed include:
    • All tables and chairs within the meeting space
    • All door handles for entryways/exits used (interior and exterior)
    • All light switches
    • Any other surfaces that may be touched by the hands of attendees
    • Any faucets or sinks used for any reason
  9. The bathrooms have instructions posted for sanitization. Participants are required to follow all requested protocols when utilizing the restrooms.
  10. If an attendee tests positive for COVID-19 they are required to inform their group leader immediately. Group leaders must then inform Leslie Pfingston, Director of Business Administration via phone or email (270-842-7777 x103 or within 24 hours. While all names will be held in confidence, groups will be alerted to the fact that someone within the group has tested positive.
  11. Video recordings will be monitored to ensure protocols are followed. If it is found that a particular group or individual within a group is not in compliance, the group will no longer be permitted to assemble on church property.