Who do I ask to…

Find out about having my child baptized?

The Sacrament of Baptism is scheduled through our Pastoral Associate, Lori Lewis. You will need to attend baptismal preparation sessions, so please call prior to adoption or delivery. 842-7777 x105


Find out about getting my child registered for Faith Formation Stations or First Sacraments?

Complete the Faith Formation Registration Form found at the front desk in the office, or contact Cheryl Powell. 270-842-7777 x 102


Schedule a Mass intention?

A Mass intention is a way to remember a deceased loved one or friend, and is also a way to celebrate in thanksgiving or praise a special date or anniversary. To schedule a Mass intention please call Kelly Lewis in the church office. 270-842-7777 x104


Reserve Spirit Hall or a meeting/class room?

Call or email Leslie Pfingston in the church office. 270-842-7777 x103


Find out about becoming Catholic?

RCIA classes (inquiry sessions) are held on Thursday evenings. Please call Lori Lewis in the church office for details or with any questions. 842-7777 x105


Schedule the church for a wedding?

Contact Kelly Lewis to schedule your appointment with a parish priest or deacon to begin marriage preparation. This needs to be done 9 to 12 months prior to your wedding date. 270-842-7777 x104


Put something in the bulletin?

Please email bulletin at holyspiritcatholic.org. The deadline is Friday at noon, nine (9) days before the Sunday bulletin date.


Have my church tithe or Capital Campaign pledge deducted electronically?

Call Leslie Pfingston, or visit www.holyspiritcatholic.org. 270-842-7777 x103