*How does the program work?
We begin with a kick-off session on Saturday, August 27th from 9am - 1pm, with lunch provided at 1pm for those who wish to stay and eat. From there, you and your spouse will receive weekly assignments via email, each of which will help you to strengthen and enrich your marriage. These will range anywhere from a topic you are to discuss with one another, to an activity to do together, to a short writing assignment that you then share with your spouse.

*When and where will the four Saturday sessions be held?
The dates are 8/27/22, 10/15/22, 1/14/23 and 4/15/23. Sessions will be held in Spirit Hall at Holy Spirit Parish from 9:00am - 1:00 pm. Participation requires making a commitment to attend all four sessions if possible.

*What is the cost per couple for the year?
The cost for four mini-retreats of marriage coaching, including all materials and snacks, is just $225 per couple for the year. That's less than $1 a day for a year! We encourage you to consider this fee as an investment into your marriage. If you need assistance, a discount price of $125 can be made available to you. Conversely, if you are able, you may bless another couple by paying $325.

*What about childcare?
Childcare is not provided at the church, but we are looking into the possibility of offering couples who need childcare a small stipend to help cover their costs.

*Deadline: Participants must be registered by Friday, August 19th to allow us time to order workbooks and have an accurate headcount for the luncheon.

Grace Marriage Registration