Parish Choir and Choral Ensembles
Purpose: a mixed-voice choir for 7th grade through adult and are open without audition. The parish choir ministers regularly on Sundays, as well as at Feast Days throughout the year. Other scholas/ensembles are formed throughout the year to augment the singing of the Assembly and support the Liturgy.
Contact: Bill Rankin (270) 842-7777 x107
Rehearsals: TBD

Cantor/Psalmist Ministry
Purpose: individuals from the parish choir work with the Director of Music and will learn to animate the assembly and may also learn to present the Word of God through Psalms and Acclamations. There is an initial training to be placed in this rotation, and annual training updates.  Cantors/Psalmist rotate through all the weekend Masses.
Contact: Bill Rankin, (270) 842-7777 x107
Rehearsals: TBD

Purpose: brass, woodwind, percussion, or string players who minister individually at weekly Masses.
Contact: Bill Rankin, (270) 842-7777 x107
Rehearsals: Check the bulletin

Sound Advice
Purpose: a ministry devoted to monitoring and mixing sound, this group is responsible for maintaining appropriate sound level at every Mass.  Initial training is required, and ongoing development will periodically be provided.  Service hours will be provided to students who request them, and Independent Study can be given to college students.
Contact: Jannai Shields (330) 204-2292; Eric Tuttle (931) 980-2676